Monday, 28 April 2014

Goose Berry(Amla) Chutney

Goose Berry(Amla) Chutney                               Serves 4

Goose Berry(Amla) Chutney

Ingredients :-
Goose berry              -50gms.
Cucumber                 -20gms.
Coconut gratings     -20gms.
Curry leaves            -few.
Salt                            -as per taste.
Green chillies           -2
or  capsicum cut into pieces- 1 medium size
Cumin seeds             -1/2 teaspoon

Method :- 

1.  Cut goose berry into pieces. Remove seeds from cut pieces.
2.  Add all ingredients with salt except cucumber and grind to a smooth  paste.
3.  Then add cucumber and grind coarsely.
4.  Serve as per need.
5. Season with oil, mustard and curry leaves(optional).

Health benefits :-

1. It is rich source of vitamin C in goose berries.
2. Curry leaves supplies rich iron, magnesium and calcium.
3. Coconut gratings are rich in fat and proteins in easily assumable form.
4. It is a good appetizer and can be eaten with rice, rotis etc. with good taste.

Cooks tip :

This recipe can be made without cucumber and can tastes good with rich vitamin C.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Capsicum Soup

Capsicum Soup                              Servings 3
Capsicum Soup
Ingredients :-

Capsicum green/red/yellow          -200 gms.
Tomatoes                                          -100 gms.
Cloves of garlic                                 - 1 or 2
Oil                                                       -1 teaspoon
Salt                                                     - as per taste
Water                                                 - 500 ml.
Few coriander/parsely leaves for garnish
Few curry leaves.
Mustard and cumin seeds for seasoning.

Method :-

1. Boil tomatoes and garlic with enough water. 
     When soft liquidize and strain.
2. Cut capsicum into small pieces and add to 
     the soup liquid and cook on low heat till 
     capsicum become a little tender and add 
     salt to taste.
3. Transfer to soup bowls and garnish with 
    coriander of parsely leaves or moong sprouts 
    or alfalfa sprouts.
4. Season it with mustard seeds and cumin seeds
5. Serve hot.

Drum Stick Soup

Drum Stick Soup                                        Servings 3
Drum Stick Soup
Ingredients :-

Freshly cut drum stick pieces – 200 gms.
Cumin powder                          - 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder                     - 1 teaspoon
Coriander/Parsely or lettuce   - Cut few leaves
Seasoning oil                                         - 1 teaspoon
Mustard seeds                           - 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves                               - few
Salt                                              - as per taste
Coconut gratings                      - 1 teaspoon
Lemon                                        - ¼ piece
Water                                          - 500 ml.

Method :-

1. Steam cook cut pieces of drumsticks till the vegetables 
     become tender.
2. Allow to cool. Separate cooking liquid and keep aside.
3. Mash drumsticks and extract pulp by sieving in coliander.
4. Add extracted pulp to the remaining liquid.
5. Add cumin and coriander powder to the above.
6. Then again bring to boil on simmer heat.
7. Season it with mustard seeds and curry leaves(optional).
8. Garnish with coriander/parsely or lettuce leaves(optional).
9. Serve hot in warm bowls with a piece of lemon.

Health Benefits :-

1. This vegetable is very rich in calcium and improves born 
     strength in elderly people.
2. Rich in potassium and useful in all blood vessel disorders and heart.

Mushroom and Peas Soup

Mushroom and Peas Soup                      Servings 2

Mushroom and Peas Soup
 Ingredients :-

Green peas                -100 gms.      Mushrooms(fresh)  - 50 gms.
Milk                            -200 ml.        paneer                        - 10 gms.
Salt                             -as per test    Pepper                        - for taste.
Lime                           - for taste       Water                         - 300 ml.

Method :-

1. Steam green peas and mushrooms in water till they become soft.
2. Allow to cool vegetables, separate vegetables and liquid.
3. Liquidise vegetables or mash with a blender.
4. Add separated liquid to the puree.
5. Add milk and grated paneer(optional).
6. Bring to a boil.
7. Add salt to taste. Adding a pinch a pepper powder is optional.
8. Serve hot with a piece of lime.

Health Benefits :-

1. One can get a lot of proteins of high quality and helpful
     in general weakness and underweight.
2. It also supplies good amount of calcium and useful 
     for elderly people, pregnant and menophase        
     conditions of woman

Beet Root Soup

Beet Root Soup                                 Servings 4

Beet Root Soup
Ingredients :-

Beet Roots    -200 gms.                  Water             -1 ltr.
Seasoning oil - 1 teaspoon             Salt                 - as per teste.
Pepper(optional)-1 pinch             Thick Curd    - 1 teaspoon
Butter or Coconut gratings or
Crushed Almonds                   -                  
1 cumin and mustard seeds
Mixed with ¼ lemon piece                - for each serying(optional).

Method :-

1. Thoroughly wash bet roots.
2. Steam cook whole beet roots with water till vegetable become tender.
3. Allow to cool, separate cooking liquid and keep aside.
4. Desk in the cooked beet roots and cut into small slices.
5. Make puree of cut piecesin a mixee with cooking liquid enough to make 
     into a paste.
6. Then add cooking liquid to puree add salt to taste, a pinch of papper 
     may also can be added(optional).
7.  Boil the above soup mixture for 10 munites.
8. Season it with mustard and cumin seeds with little oil or butter.
9. Transfer this to warm bowls.
10.Garnish with thick curd, coconut grating or crushed almonds or with 
       coriander or parsley leaves.

Cooks tip :

Beet roots should be cooked with skin otherwise all utensils and water 
stains with red colour and also there will be loss of minerals from beets.

Health benefits :-

1. Beet roots are rich, sweet and earthy in flavor. These ruby red root 
     vegetable are highly nutritious and provide fiber, folate, potassium 
     and phytochemicals such as anticyclonic and saponins.
2. Beta Cyanine : This is red plant pigment helpful to defend cells against 
     harmful carcinogens as tumor fighting.
3. Folate : Folates help to protect against heart disease and cancer.
4. It is very good for anemic people and supplies iron in good quality.

Precautions :-

1. Beet is bowel cleanser and cleanser and eliminates mucous present 
     in the digestive system. Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers must 
     avoid in acute conditions.
2. To preserve beta cyanine in beets it is best to bake or microwave 
     whole beets in their skins or steam them.
3. Some people cannot properly metabolize the pigment in beets and
     as a result their urine turns slightly red. Do not be alarmed if 
     this should happens. It is a harmless metabolic reaction.
4. If you are prone to kidney stones or gout avoid beet greens
     (leaves) as they are high in oxalates.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tulsi kadha

Tulsi kadha                          1 Serving- 150 ml.

Energy-60 calories                                                              Servings -4

Tulsi kadha

Ingredients :-

Tulsi leaves               -15 to 20.
Water                           -3 1/2cups.
Milk(fat free)            -1 cup.
Jaggery syrup           -50ml.
Cardamom power   -1 pinch

Method :-
Fresh  tulsi leaves should be washed and added to the water and bring to boil on simmer flame for about 5 to 10 munites and strain in a seiver. To this add fresh milk, which is alrady boiled separately and also jaggery syrup. Stir well by adding a pinch of Cardamom powder
It serve as a healthy hot drink for the morning coffee or tea time, which is very helpful for chronic respiratory disorders, malarial fever and to relive common cold.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Coconut, Figs & Dates Candies

Coconut, Figs & Dates Candies :                   Servings 4/6

Total weight – 300 gms                             Energy – 1580 calories

Ingredients :-

Dry or fresh coconut grated    -2cups.
Dry figs(pre-soaked)                   -5pcs.
Dates                                                  -6 to 8 pcs.
Cardamom Powder                      -1 pinch
Honey                                                -1 tablespoon

Method :-

Grate dry or fresh coconut. Take washed and preshoked dry figs and cut into pieces. Dates also should be cut into small pieces. Mix all together, press thoroughly with hands, adding honey, cardamom power to the mixture. Roll into balls or cut into squares.

Coconut-Dates Candies

Coconut-Dates Candies :                        Servings 4

Total weight – 265 gms                              Energy – 875 calories
Coconut-Dates Candies

Ingredients :-

Grated dry or fresh coconut          - 2 cups
Dates                                                        - 8 to 10
Honey                                                      - 1 tablespoon

Method :-

Grate dry or fresh coconut,dice dates after removing the seeds and mix one teaspoon full of honey to the mixture. Press together into one inch balls. It is very refreshing and healty recipe for instant energy.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Winter Salad

Winter Salad
Total weight – 160 gms                              Energy – 100 calories
Winter Salad

Ingredients :-

Carrot   - 50 gms.                Tomato          -50 gms.
Onions – 25 gms.                 Coriander      -Few stalks
Mint/Lettuce/Parsley(Any two)  -15 gms.
Sprouted Wheat or Groundnuts  -20 gms.

Method :-
Slice carrot, tomtoes and onions and place in a salad bowl. Place sprouts in the center. Garnish with chopped leaves. Add salt and pepper to teste. Dress with cumin powder (optional).

Friday, 11 April 2014

Groundnut and Jaggery Chikki/Sweet

Groundnut and Jaggery Chikki/Sweet :

Total weight – 400 gms                             Energy – 2000 calories
Groundnut and Jaggery Chikki/Sweet
Ingredients :-

Groundnuts              -250 gms.
Jaggery                      -150 gms.
Cardamom                -1 pinch

Method :-

1   Slightly heat groundnuts in a pan and cool. Remove skin if  necessary or keep it or it is put in food chopper and break groundnuts into  half.  If  can be done by pressing with hand keep aside.

2. Boil jaggery in a pan with little water till the jaggery become a thick  consistency, so that a drop of the jaggery syrup if put  in cold water cannot spread immideately.

3. For the above add groundnuts halves & mix throughly adding a pinch of cardamom powder.

4.  Pour this in a plate to which some edible oil or ghee is smeared and cool it.

5.  Cut into pieces which shape you like and preserve in a airtight, moisture free bottle.

The above chikki or laddu pieces are very delicious and nutritious.

Groundnut and Dates laddu

Groundnut and Dates laddu :                       Serving 8

Total weight – 350 gms                              Energy – 1360 calories
Groundnut and Dates laddu

Ingredients :-

Groundnuts              -200 gms.
(Raw or slightly roasted with skin)
Dates                          -150 gms.
Cardamom powder  - 1 pinch

Method :-

Slightly heat groundnuts in a heating pan and run through a food chopper making into small pieces. Remove seeds from the dates and cut them into small pieces. Remove seeds from the dates and cut them into smooth consistency. Mix dates and groundnuts small pieces into long or round balls. Add cardamom powder, keep in airtight glass or good quality plastic moisture free bottles and can be served at need.

Sesame- Jaggery Candy

Sesame- Jaggery Candy :                       Serving 6/8

Total weight – 250 gms                              Energy – 1150 calories
Sesame- Jaggery Candy
Ingredients :-

Sesame(Til) seeds    - 1 Cup.
Jaggery                      - 50 gms.
Dry Coconut Scrap  - 1 tablespoon.

Method :-

Grind sesme seeds if possible by hand in a stone grinder or in a mixer with low speed so that the oil in the seeds will not become rancid quickly causing a bitter teste. Hand grinder is best. Mix it with coconut scrap and jaggery powder. While grinding, for teste, a pinch of cardamom powder can be added. Roll into balls and serve.

Raisin, Coconut Candies

Raisin, Coconut Candies :                      Serving 6

Total weight – 450 gms                                       Energy – 2482 calories
Raisin, Coconut Candies
Ingredients :-

2 Cup seedless raisins
2 Cup grated coconut(dry or fresh)

Method :-
Mix and run through a food chopper several times to blend the ingredients. Roll out on a board about ½ inch thickness and cut into squares. For a change, dates without seeds can be used instead of raisins.

Raisin Nut Balls

Raisin Nut Balls :                    Serving 6/8

Total weight – 750 gms                              Energy – 3630 calories
Raisin Nut Balls
Ingredients :-

½ Cup shelled almonds
1 Cup shelled peanuts
1 Cup walnuts
½ Cup grated coconut
2 Cup seedless raisins
2 tablespoons honey

Method :-
Run the nuts through the food chopper and then with raisins together with the honey in order to make a homogeneous mixture of ingredients. Make balls of ½ inch or 1 inch size and roll in grated coconut to give them an attractive appearance.

Stuffed Dates

Stuffed Dates :                               Serving 4/5

Total weight – 325 gms                                          Energy – 785 calories
Stuffed Dates
Ingredients :-

Dates  - 250 gms.               
Groundnuts or Blanched Almonds -75 gms.

Method :-
Make a pit by opening the side of the date with a pointed knife and insert one or two peanuts o almonds. Close the date and serve.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Summer Salad

Summer Salad
Total weight – 400 gms                             Energy – 100 calories

Summer Salad
Ingredients :-

Cucumber- 150 gms.           Radish- 50 gms.
Tomato – 100 gms.             Lemon- ½
Green gram sprouts – 100 gms.

Method :-

Slice cucumber, radish and tomato and add lemon juice. Add salt to teste. Garnish with sprouts. chopped coriander and mint leaves.

Alfalfa and Capsicum Salad

Alfalfa and Capsicum Salad

Total weight – 200 gms                             Energy – 70 calories

Alfalfa and Capsicum Salad
 Ingredients :-

Cucumber- 100 gms.          Tomato- 50 gms.
Capsicum – 25 gms.            Alfalfa sprouts- 10 gms.
Grated Carrot – 1 tablespoon

Method :-

Slice cucumber, capsicum and tomato and arrange ia a salad bowl. Place sprouted alfalfa at the center and garnish with grated carrot. Add salt to teste.

Mango, Apple, Nuts Salad

Mango, Apple, Nuts Salad                               Servings 3/4
Mango, Apple, Nuts Salad
Total weight – 750 gms                              Energy – 700 calories

Ingredients :- 
Apples- 2 Nos.                                               Mango-1 Nos.
                                                                             (Fleshy and ripe big size)
Cashew Nuts/Almonds-25 gms. each Cardamom Powder-1/2 teaspoon
Honey-50 ml.                                               Milk- 400 ml.

Method :-
1. Boil milk and cool in a refrigerator for 30 mnts.
2. Cut apples and mangoes into small pieces.
3. Chop the raw nuts.
4. Add chopped nuts and pieces of  fruits to cold milk.
5. Add honey and cardamom powder to the above.
6. Keep in refrigerator or cool in an earthen pot covering 
   with a cloth in a cool place for one to two hours and
    serve cold.